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[HanChul] Beijing Bus Fun

Pairing: HanChul
Fandom: Super Junior
Rating: NC-17 (you have been warned.)
Lenght: Two-Shot -still incomplete-


“When is your plane arriving?” I asked.

“Around 1:30 PM,” a voice spoke from the other side of the phone.

“I’ll come pick you up.” I informed him.

“No, of course you wouldn’t come pick me up. I’m going to find you using my nose. I can smell your Beijing fried rice and your Chinese butt all the way from Korea. ” Heechul hissed from the other side, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Then I guess there’s no need for me to come pick you up.” I said.

“YAH!” he shouted.

I giggled, I could feel him pouting on the other side of the phone.

“I’m gonna hang up!” Heechul threatened.

“And what’s gonna happen after that?” a smirk crept over my lips.

“Screw you and your Beijing fried ass.”

“You are gonna have a lot of chances to show me how to do that, when you come.”

“Heechul, go to bed!” another voice was heard in the background.

“Fine, I’m going!” he replied. “I have to hang up now, see you in China!”

“Sleep well,” I said and left the phone on the nightstand.


I was waiting at the airport for Heechul to arrive. The speaker had announced that the plane had landed about 15 minutes ago. I was waiting eagerly and, yet, when he came out, I was caught off guard. Whatever was standing in front of my eyes was definitely something new for me. Heechul was wearing trainers, seemingly bigger than he himself was. The jeans he wore were gangster-type, the bottom almost reaching his ankles. He had a white T-shirt on, which went a little over the butt. But this was not the most disturbing of all. Heechul, the Kim Heechul, who always loved to show and whip his hair back and forth, was wearing a hat. A cap. That’s when I realized that something was wrong.

“YAHH! HANGENG, MA HOMIE! HOW YA DOIN’?!” his voice echoed loudly across the big room.

This wasn’t happening…

“Flight number KR 437 has arrived.” the robotic female voice of the speaker announced.

That was Heechul’s flight. Then I realized that I had fallen asleep on the bench. Oh, thank GOODNESS.

I waited around 20 more minutes before I saw him coming out. The first thing I saw was that he was wearing the same shirt as the one from my dream.

“Oh dear God…” I murmured in Korean.

“YAH!” he stared to yell.

Oh God… please…

“Come help me with my luggage!” he all but commanded.

I sighed in relief and went to help him out, not bothering to mention my awkward dream. Just because I’d probably get killed if I told him what I saw him wearing.

I smiled and I took his bags from him, as he simply threw himself at me.

“HANNIE!” he yelled as my eyes widened at the sudden change in his mood.

“How was the flight?” I asked as I left the bags on the floor and hugged him back.

“Awful,” he murmured.

“There was this strange kid next to me... He kept trying to touch my hair...” he continued, whining.

Gegeee…” a thin voice pierced through my ears.

I felt Heechul shiver in my arms. He turned his head around. The look in his eyes – as if a gazelle saw a smiling tiger.

A little kid passed us, waving, with an ear to ear grin on his face. I felt Heechul’s grip tighten on me. He’d usually throw death glares, and I don’t know what the kid did, but Heechul was… scared.

“C-Chulie. Let’s go!” he just nodded as I let go of him and picked the bags up.

Then we headed for the bus stop.

“Soo... Was the kid that terrifying?” I joked.

He just glared at me, apparently not finding my joke all-that-funny. I got the hint and decided to shut up. It was for my own good.

The bus arrived. We got in quickly and placed the bags in the luggage area above our heads. I sat next to the window, Heechul next to me. Then suddenly I remembered the kid from the airport and I started laughing. Heechul looked at me, confused. When I saw his face things just got even worse. The laughter just kept coming out.

“Seriously…” I managed to say between giggles.

He apparently figured out what I was laughing at and smacked the back of my head. Typical. He turned to the other side, sulking.

“Aww, come on, sunshine!” I said, resting my hand on his shoulder.

But he ignored me. I knew it was pointless to convince him to look at me right now, so I simply gave up and turned, gazing out the window. I seem to have fallen asleep after that.

“Mmm,” I felt something touching me.

“Ahh,” pleasure flushed throughout my whole body.

“Shh,” I felt someone’s hot breath on my ear. “This is your punishment for making fun of me earlier.”

I struck my eyes open.

“Heechu- Ah-” I bit my bottom lip to hold back a moan, Heechul was rubbing my member through my pants.

The bus was quiet. Most of the people were asleep, others listening to music. And that obviously was the atmosphere Heechul needed to put his plan in to action. These hands of his. Oh, how much I had missed them. But for God’s sake. We were in a bus full of people, which kind of seemed amusing for him. For one thing I was glad, I was holding my jacket in my lap.

“Heechul stop i-mff” I tried to stop him, but my words were replaced with a muffled moan, as he tightened his grip.

“Don’t tell me what to do.”Heechul hissed, his smirk never leaving those damn lips. Those lips I wanted to kiss and seal off with duct tape at the same time.

I was trying my best not to scream, as he continued massaging my clothed member, but it was so hard. He had a triumphant smile on his face as he looked at me suffering. I loved him, but I hated him. He was the kinkiest person I’ve ever met, but this was just too much, what if someone hears me? Or sees me.

I felt hot, as a much known sensation slowly started growing in my stomach. If he kept on doing this, I wouldn’t be able to control myself.

You must know best to never mess up with Kim Heechul.” He whispered in my ear, his husky voice sending chills down my spine, making things worse, as I felt my pants become impossibly tighter.

I held in a groan as he caressed again.

“Ah, already this hard, Hannie?” he softly giggled.

I ignored everything he said but my name. He made it sound like a dirty word when it came from his lips. Suddenly I felt my pants loosen.

Oh no, he did not!

I felt his hand make its way in my pants, the contact driving me insane. I tilted my head backwards, mouthing his name.

“Ah, ah, what was that again?” he said cockily.

“H-Heechul...” I whispered gripping at my jacket.

“Hmm?” he murmured, licking his lips.

His tender fingers going up and down my throbbing member.

“What do you want, Hangeng-sshi?” he teased.

“Don’t make me say it here.” I eyed him, my look threatening him.

Suddenly I felt myself inhale sharply as he gripped my member hard, biting his lower lip, his eyes never looking away from mine.

Say it.”

“Say what you want. Hangeng.”

I tilted my head back, opening my mouth as all of the oxygen inside my body escaped.


“Finish it.” I breathed in his ear.

“Finish what?” he loosened his grip.

Haa.. Hee-Heechul...” my body temperature getting higher with the second.

I grabbed a handful of his shirt and pulled him closer, breathing heavily against his ear.


I knew Heechul couldn’t resist this. We had to get off soon anyway. A smirk went across his face as he grabbed my member hard again and started pumping it.

F-Faster!” I buried my face in his hair, whispering into his ear.

His movement became smoother, faster, harder...

As I felt the sweet sensation grow up in my stomach, Heechul’s telephone “fell” on the ground. I lost it when his sweet mouth engulfed my need. The moment I felt his hot saliva all over my erection, I was so close, that I only needed a few pumps.

“Heechul…” I moaned his name in a whisper, gripping his hair, my eyes shut, as I released.

With a few licks, Heechul was able to ‘clean up the mess’.

“Ah, I found it~” he said, his smirk still visible as he got up, holding his phone high in the air.

I just sighed, looking at the black haired male in front of me. I felt a wave of relief go through my body as I quickly zipped my pants.

Seriously, there were some moments when I was wondering whether he was just plain evil, or a goddamned idiot.

The bus came to a halt as it reached the station where we had to get off. I took down one of the bags from above, Heechul grabbing the next one after me.

“You owe me.” I stopped behind him, as he tilted his head, that damn grin lighting up his face.


NG section~

In the process of “creating”..

The main interaction between the characters was Tin’s idea a.k.a. the ‘bus fun’ time. We were in the bus, on our way to Eve’s house for a sleepover. We were drinking brain-freezers and…yes. Our sick minds. People wouldn’t stop staring at us as we would be laughing hysterically. During the process of writing in the evening, Eve was desperately trying to make contact with Marta – our Hero, Golden Beta tester, Ultimate Uke, Nazi Grammar, Eve’s pheasant, our wife, child, and etc. She’s just simply one epic piece of awesome sauce. But Marta didn’t pick up. Maybe in some way she knew, what was coming, so she would decide to go to bed at 9:30pm, when she’s usually be still on the computer at 2am. BUT YAH, WE LOVE HER.

Eve: *trying to make Kangin feisu (>:()*
Eve: *stares at Tin*
Tin: *glares back* You look like an enraged Chinese.

Tin: *thinking*How about this…” Suddenly he whispers in my ear.”
Eve: …”Luke, I’m your father.”
Tin: “as my pants tightened”

*Thinking on the fic*
Tin: …. They are In China, damn it… And they are speaking Korean…
Eve: *dictating* “Just say it already. We’re surrounded by Chinese people..”
Tin: … “Even if you say it, they won’t understand you.”
*insert sarcasm here* …

Eve: “I made a Chinese puppy face and he finally obeyed.”

Eve: *blabbering*
Tin: You just gave me an idea to continue my fic!
Eve: YOUR FIC? It’s our baby! HA! *turns around dramatically*
Tin: *rofl*

Eve: How do you say… grabbed his hair? (In Bulgarian)
Tin: Well… gripped or grabbed..
Eve: Gripped!
Tin: My Chinese Pony!
Eve: My hand is a dolphin. (with an idiotic accent)
Tin: Let me ride you hard. (insert the same accent twice :D)

Gear Dod… (Dear God)


Wrote this on crack..


There were these people… two men, talking in a foreign language. One of them was tugging at the other’s shirt, his face so red as if he was about to poop his pants. Maybe he was angry, but from my seat it looked like a baby clinging on its mother, asking for a pee.


When Marta read the NG-s.

Marta: Remove the Ultimate Uke part. I’m not ultimate uke D:


Marta: I can be seme! *dramatic pose*

Eve: Sure, Marta…sure….

Marta: I can! Ask Russia 8D

Eve: ... you and Ivan make uke sex. :C it doesn't count

Marta: Heeey, that's not true! )< We're the semes of the world, how can we make 'uke sex'? xD (Fuck, you're right... :/)

Eve: .....
Title:         Hyukjae's Birthday Present
Pairing:    EunHae
Fandom: Super Junior
Rating:    NC-17 (you have been warned.)
Lenght:   One-Shot


What date was today exactly? Ah yes. April 4th. To some it may be just a normal date, just some passing time. But for me it was something very important.

‘’Donghae! Are you listening to me?!’’ ZhouMi snapped me away from my thoughts.

I just stared at the elder in front of me, clearly dumb folded, as he was waving his hands in the air in rage.


“Hyung, I think I got it the first time you explained, but after the 7th time it just became boring…” I mumbled, as I leaned my chin on my palm.

The way ZhouMi hyung looked at me was…frightening. No one should bitch around when he starts arranging something, doesn’t matter if it’s a party, dinner, or who gets to take shower first. He was sly, and when it came to revenge…well, you better run away from the country, or even the continent.

“Hmph.” ZhouMi did one of his famous hair flips and turned around.

“I need to go now, it’s already 7pm.” I mumbled as I got up, receiving a glare from ZhouMi.

I quickly left the room, exiting the dorm, going out.

I had booked a room in a hotel we went to not long ago – he loved the kitchen there, as did I. It was expensive, but it was worth the money.

This morning I shoved a note in Hyukjae’s hand as we parted, saying that he had to come to the hotel tonight at 8pm. I was so glad Siwon knew some people there, so with his help I was able to arrange everything.

About half an hour was left before Hyuk’s arrival.

I wandered around a bit more, checking if everything was okay.

“Perfect,” a grin appeared on my face.

I went in to take a quick shower.

When I got out I started putting on the costume I had prepared. Just as I was about to put on my white dress shirt, I felt someone’s presence behind me.

“Hae…” I heard a familiar voice, making me turn around quickly.

“I don’t think we’ll need this.” I saw Hyukjae’s smirk as he tugged on my dress shirt.

I grabbed him by his collar and pulled him close until our lips crashed. He buried his hands in my hair, gripping at it, then licked my lip, begging for entrance which I immediately granted him. A moan left my mouth as I felt his tongue entwining with mine. We broke the kiss, gasping for air as I felt his lips going down my neck. He sucked at a few places, leaving love marks, making me feel weak under his touch. I pulled his head up so I was looking right into his eyes. Full of lust and want, I brought him to my lips again as I pushed him down to the bed, hovering above him.

A smirk went up my face as I locked his hands above his head, handcuffing him to the bed, placing a light peck on his lips. I got off, the smirk never wearing off my face as I reached to the bottle of red wine which was standing on the nightstand. I poured some into the thick glass and started drinking from it. Teasing him, I let a drop of the wine spill from the corner of my mouth down my chin, dripping on the white shirt.

“Donghae…” Hyuk moaned my name from under me. “I’m thirsty…”

He was trying to tease me? Not really what I was aiming for, so I decided to play his game.

My lips formed into a smirk, as I took a sip of the wine, this time not swallowing it. I bent over him as our lips pressed, Hyukjae opened his mouth as I let the liquid, mixed with my saliva, transfer from my mouth to his, our tongues pressing against each other. I felt him swallow and suck on my tongue, so I decided to play.

My hands slowly trailed down his shirt, slowly unbuttoning it. I felt him tense as my cold fingers made contact with his bare skin.

He bucked his hips, as I parted our lips, aiming for his neck. Then my mouth moved from his collarbone down his chest, stomach, navel, stopping when I reached his pants.

I slowly unzipped the zipper at dead speed, enjoying Hyuk’s whimpers from under me. I took off his jeans, leaving him in nothing but his boxers, rubbing him through the fabric of the thick underwear, making him moan my name. I bent above him, my knees on both sides of his body. I reached down for my belt, undoing it, sliding my hand inside my own boxers.

“Hyuk...” I cried out, rubbing my need. “Hyuk!” I closed my eyes, tilting my head back in pleasure, teasing him.

I knew it was driving him crazy, as he moaned under me, his eyelids half closed.

“Ahh, there, more.. Hyuk!” I moaned, my hands still caressing my now hard member.

Suddenly I took my hand out as I slowly moved my hips, my hardness grinding against his. Then I moved my hands on my shoulders, letting my shirt slide slowly from my torso. Hyukjae, on the other side, was practically dying. I bucked my hips forward, making the monkey groan in pleasure, as he tugged on his handcuffs. After the dress shirt, I took off my pants, swaying as I made him mewl with everything I did. Ah, he was so vulnerable at the moment.

“Hae…” he tried to say my name, moaning.

I slowly got up and threw my pants somewhere on the floor. Then I returned to my previous position, and bent over. My lips crashed on top of his, quickly leaving his mouth open, as I knew well he wanted more. I moved my mouth down his neck, continuing to lower myself with small licks, as I reached his boxers. Slowly and oh-so-teasingly I started sliding them down.

“Lee Donghae, I swear to God I’m so go-” but he couldn’t continue his sentence as I took him in my mouth.

Muffled moans came out of him, as he shut his eyes closed tight. He tried to free his hands, but it was useless. I could hear him mumbling my name between breaths. He was almost shouting as I was pumping up and down his arousal, pausing at the tip, licking it teasingly.

“D-Donghae..” he breathed heavily.

I felt him tense under me, a sign that he was close. I removed my mouth making him whimper from the loss of contact. He stared at me with a menacing look. I smirked at him, going up for a kiss. He licked my lips, a grin forming on my mouth as I didn’t let him get what he wanted. My hand went down his torso, touching his perfect abs, as the other wandered against the nightstand. I picked up a key and went up to unlock the handcuffs. The second I undid them, he buried his hands in my hair, kissing me savagely, rubbing his knee against my crotch. I moaned in the kiss and before even realizing it I was pinned to the bed, with him hovering above me.

My turn.” He broke the kiss and the moment after that I felt his lips attacking my neck, biting everywhere he could, as his hands roamed my chest, waist, tugging on my boxers.

I was too busy to mewl under him to understand when he took off the only clothing I had left, until I felt his hand grab my member.

“You are not allowed to do that in front of me.” He whispered in my ear, his voice making me shiver as he reminded me the way I teased him, but soon I wasn’t really able to think about anything but him.

“Hyukjae….” I moaned as he slightly shifted his position, to a more comfortable one for him.

He was biting my earlobe, whispering dirty things, sending chills throughout my whole body.

“H-Hyuk... D-Don’t tease..” I said between breaths.

“That’s payback for earlier, baby.” he said next to my ear.

“Hyukjae.” I growled.

“Donghae.” he teased.

Suddenly his hand released my erection as he slowly lifted up his body, kneeling above me, bending over to take something from the nightstand. I saw him holding the bottle of wine. He lifted it up to his mouth and drank. I could see wine trickling down his neck and torso. Getting up I started licking it from his body up to his neck when I felt his hand grab my hair and engulf my mouth, as I feel a bittersweet liquid enter my mouth. I grabbed his neck, deepening the kiss. We parted away, gasping for air as I looked deeply into his eyes. He kissed me again, leaving the bottle aside, pushing me back down onto the bed. He grabbed my member, starting to pump it with his hand as I arched my back in pleasure.

Then I felt his hot breath against my skin, my need firmly standing as he wrapped his mouth around the tip. I cried out, shouting his name, my hands buried in his hair.

“Hyukkie!” I screamed, tugging on his hair, my eyes closed.

He teased me, bobbing his head at a deadly slow phase. I moaned as I felt his tongue wrapping around my erection. He was still teasing me when I felt one of his hands go up.

“Suck.” he commanded, rubbing two fingers against my lips.

I quickly obeyed, as I covered his fingers in saliva when suddenly he started pumping me faster. I tilted my head, unbelievably loud moan escaping my mouth, my lips parting from his fingers, a string of saliva connecting them. He then brought his hand back down, pulling his head up, licking his fingers sensually, before he slid them into my entrance. I winced at the sudden pain, but tried to relax as he started to thrust them in and out slowly, scissoring me apart.

“A-Ahh,” I started moaning. Then, suddenly, his fingers were gone.

Not even a few seconds passed until I felt him slam in to me. The sudden pain made me gasp as I shut my eyes closed, biting my lip. Apparently I nibbled on it too hard, piercing the flesh and felt my own blood fill my mouth.

Hyukjae decided he should kiss me, tasting the blood immediately. He licked the unfamiliar liquid and, when he found out what it was, he sucked on my lower lip, draining out more blood, making me groan in pain and pleasure, while he was waiting for me to adjust.

“Move.” I demanded. I needed him.

For the first time he actually obeyed, increasing his speed with every thrust.

I kept on moaning, whimpering and tossing myself as much as I could as he was going harder and deeper each time he went back in. So fucking close.

“Hae…” he moaned my name again, and the way he said it turned me on even more, if it was possible.

I tried to tighten my legs around his waist more, wanting to get closer to him, as his thrusts became even more erratic and fast.

I tried my best not to scream, as I buried my face in Hyuk’s collarbone. I moved my lips as I bit on the flesh, leaving marks, making him moan, as his grip on my shoulders became stronger.

The whole room was filled with our moans, the harder he was thrusting, the louder we got.

Hyukkie…” I moaned his name loudly, as I shut my eyes, a blissful feeling filling my whole body.

With a few more movements I felt him release himself in me, his pants irregular and heavy.

“Ah…” was the only thing he managed to mumble as he rolled off, lying next to me. “This…is the best present I’ve ever gotten.”

As I heard him speak those words, while trying to catch his breath, I couldn’t help but smirk.

“There’s more~” I said in a sing-song voice and, after my breathing became even, I sat on the bed and, after searching for them around the room, put my boxers on.

He looked at me as I walked through the room, heading towards the door.

“Where are you going?” he questioned, and I looked at him.

“Wait a minute.” I lifted up one finger, as I quickly left the room.

I returned after just a few seconds, dragging a cart with me. A cart full of God food.

“Room-service~” I couldn’t help myself but giggle as his eyes widened.

Apparently, he had been able to find a dressing-gown from somewhere, because the article of clothing was now wrapped around his bare body.

I saw his tongue run across his lips. I knew, oh so well, that he was starving. In the cart there was cake, of course, along with all kinds of sweets we were able to order. From pancakes, through ice cream, to chocolate bars.

“Oh, God.” He mumbled as I dragged the cart next to the bed, sitting on the edge. “Donghae, I think I love you.”

“What, are you really that easy?” I asked and I saw him smirk. He simply hummed in response, sitting next to me.

Well, he was too busy grabbing the food from the cart. I took the cake. It wasn’t big, but I was sure we weren’t going to eat all of it. It was strawberry flavored, having real strawberries on top – his favorite.

“Happy birthday, Lee Hyukjae.” I smiled, as I lifted up the cake to his face.

His smile couldn’t grow any wider, as he took the cake from my hands. He quickly bent over, our lips meeting. The kiss was so sweet, fluffy, if I could describe it like that, and lasted for a few seconds. I couldn’t judge him, it was his birthday, and he was hungry. I was actually thinking he’d start eating it with his bare hands, but I sighed as I saw him take a fork, stabbing the cake.

He shoved the piece of food in his mouth, chewing. His expression was priceless.

“This cake is amazing…” he practically moaned. “Here.”

He aimed the fork towards my mouth after it got loaded with another bite of the cake. I opened my mouth and he shoved it. I swallowed and saw him staring at me, probably waiting for me to comment. I just couldn’t help myself but laugh, a grin running across his lips.

He continued on chewing the cake – it was his current mission. I extended my hand, grabbing the ice cream. I wanted to eat something cold. I took a spoon and dug in. One bite, two bites, three bites. On the fourth bite I got distracted by his gaze fixed on me, watching as the piece of ice cream fell on my chest, sliding down my stomach.

Ahhh! Cold!” I whined, trying to wipe it away, but my hand was stopped.

Hyukjae had grasped my hand, and was staring at me. Suddenly I felt myself being lightly pushed on the bed and he hovered over me.

“Hyukjae…” I gasped, as I felt his now cold fingers on my bare chest.

Without saying anything, he lowered his head, his lips making contact with my skin, as he licked the ice cream from my navel, going ever upwards. Then he lifted up his head and crashed his lips against mine as I automatically opened my mouth, tasting the traces from the cold treat still lingering in his.

After a long battle for dominance, he pulled away, looking at me, as I swallowed whatever was left from the ice cream in my mouth.

How about we have another round?” was all he said before attacking my lips again.


Hehe, Happy Birthday Eunhyuk Oppa~~ ^^ Even though we upload this with a two-days delay, we wrote in on the 3rd-4th April 8'D... We just had 

The ZhouMi rage at the beginning was actually Heechul rage, but we decided to write things “in actual time” (just because we can), so knowing our boys are in Taiwan and Heechul isn’t together with them.. we had to change Chuli rage to Mimi rage :D .. ZhouMi oppa, forgive us^^

Ookay, we also wanted to try something.. that… yeah.. just scroll down and read XD

NG section
In the process of “creating”.. At our place.. It goes like this:
· *Tin is lying on the bed, Eve sitting on her back waving her hands, commanding*: WRITE MY MONKEY MINION, WRITE! (making whip sounds as well)
· Tin: “He looked at me with a menacing glare” ...
Eve: ... that said:
- Do I need to smack a bitch?
- Wait ‘till I get my hands on you…
- You want some cactus… in your ass? :<
*inserts Donghae macro here*

· *Eve writing* .. “I felt his hand grab my membere..”
Tin: FML.
· Eve: Should I write this?
Tin: Write what?
Eve: “He could cum just by looking at me.” *laughing*
Tin: “Oh, I was sooo sexy!”

We simply fail :D


Eve here. 
Well I'm currently trying to change the layout. Which will DEFFINITELY take a while. ㅠㅠ
Both of us are still new here, but I think tonight we're gonna upload a fanfic we did yesterday. Sleepovers. Pfft :D
Sooo YOU ALL JUST WAIT~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ !!!
While you do that please enjoy this awesome picture. Not.

I added it just because of Tin, since she begged me to put it somewhere. YAH~


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